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Some of her earliest childhood memories center around being active and playing sports. Early on, she also developed an enthusiasm for learning about the human body and how it worked. Being a physical therapist has enabled her to combine these two passions. Each day, she is allowed the opportunity to help make a positive impact in the physical and emotional healing processes that her patients are experiencing. What some people call work, she is fortunate to call “play!” When she’s not within the walls of Elite Physical Therapy, Floyd loves spending time with her friends and family. Anytime she can get the opportunity to play tennis or golf, she takes it. She loves being active and prefers to be a participant in life versus a spectator. However, as a spectator, she’s a proud Tarheel fan.

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Injury Management, Injury Prevention

Top 3 Things You Should Do Every Week to Avoid Injuries

Posted on May 02, 2017 by Kelly Floyd

We are excited to partner with Elite Physical Therapy to provide you with performance tips, workout ideas, and rehabilitation suggestions to help you perform at your absolute best throughout your training and activities. In today’s post, Kelly Floyd, owner and Physical Therapist at Elite Physical Therapy, discusses the top three things you should do each week to help you build a strong physical foundation that will help you avoid injuries when you’re active. * [...]

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