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Kotz is a nationally ranked tennis player and physical therapist. Her physical therapy practice, Lizl Kotz Performance, is located in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Injury Management

Recover and Recover Stronger

Posted on August 15, 2018 by Lizl Kotz

The physical pain one endures through an injury is only a small part of the pain that the injury inflicts. There is also emotional pain. In this guest post, Lizl Kotz, physical therapist, describes the stages of Kubler-Ross’ "stages of grief" when processing and coming to terms with injury. I recovered from a serious back injury.  My road to recovery was tedious and it felt long, but I recovered stronger than I was before.  I don’t want to be injured again but being injured has helped me to start each practice and competition with gratitude for my skill and my health.  I know I am not fully in control of my health or really anything for that matter.  This truth has helped me to train and compete as if it could be my last.  And if it could be my last, you better know I am going to make it count and enjoy it. [...]

Cross-Train to Become a Better Athlete

Posted on February 02, 2018 by Lizl Kotz

Guest blogger, Lizl Kotz, of Lizl Kotz Performance shares some great insight into why you should try various sports and activities to help you stay injury free and avoid burnout in your typical sport of choice.  [...]

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