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Family Steals Knee Helixes

Posted on March 09, 2016 by Thomas Parker, MD

"I really like your knee products. My family keeps stealing them."
Thomas H

201605Adjustable-knee-sleeve-black.gifThis review says it all. This review was by Thomas who has ordered three of our knee sleeves because he found them beneficial and obviously so did his children. Good thing he ordered three!

As any parent knows, children frequently help themselves to whatever seems to be in their best interests. I suspect that Thomas is a proud parent of an athletic family who took our compression products and gladly shared with his own family. Or he could have a family member who found comfort in the management of arthritis pain with our products. In either case, this humorous review is just another testimony to the benefit of our products.

Thomas Parker, MD

Thomas Parker, MD

About the Author: Thomas E. Parker, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Body Helix, is a retired physician, with a practice specialty of Internal Medicine. He attended The Ohio State University College of Medicine and completed his Internal Medicine internship and residency at Duke University Medical Center. Parker received the distinction of “Top Doctor” in Charlotte Magazine in 2011, 2012, and 2014. In 2008, Parker became involved in Body Helix as a founding member and Chief Science Officer with the responsibility of overseeing product development, safety and guiding marketing materials to reflect scientifically accurate claims.

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