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Compression Knee Helix Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Thomas Parker, MD

  Aside from keeping the knee warm, what are the benefits of compression There are several studies showing the benefit of compression or support for ankle injuries that comes from improved proprioception.  Several studies have shown increased proprioception is afforded by some type of compression.  Many have found reduced pain as an added benefit of the warmth compression provides. What is the difference between the Adjustable Knee Helix and the closed Full Knee Helix? The Adjustable Knee Helix (seen below) has an opening for the patella so that there is not posterior pressure on the patella and it has Velcro tabs so that you can adjust the compression from slight to moderate. The Full Knee Helix does not have the patellar window and is a full sleeve that slides on and provides uniform compression to the entire knee and surrounding areas.    You suggest keeping the wrap on for 1-2 hours after play. How do you ice, shower, hot tub? There is no particular reason the Helix could not be removed immediately.  I personally wear the Elbow Helix for elbow pain while playing and take it off when I leave the court, laundering shortly after. Remember all our products are machine washable. Your return and/or exchange policy states that the product must be returned new within 7 days. If conditions occur that prevent a player from testing your product, such as rain in that 7 day period, what then? We are glad to accept returns up to 30 days as long as the product is in “Like new” condition. You can find our complete return policy here.  We encourage you to try the product and welcome feedback. [...]


Compression for Ankle Injuries

Posted on July 14, 2015 by Thomas Parker, MD

With minor acute ankle injuries the usual first step in management is the use of RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation). The Ankle Helix provides the most comfortable compression and support for the ankle. Using the latest in fabric science, Body Helix has developed the best ankle compression and support brace available. [...]

Thigh Compression Sleeve Keeps A Senior Athlete Active

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Thomas Parker, MD

"Love the product – came across the product at a Lacrosse festival outside of Chicago a few years ago – I ran track in college (30 years ago) and our trainer made similar compression sleeves for us when we were injured – the sleeves kept us training and competing. I have not been able to find this type of product on the market and was thrilled to come across your product a few years ago. As an aging runner, I need all the support I can get and the thigh compression sleeves keep me from straining my hamstrings and with on the road running." Don G. This is another testimony to the benefit of compression for injury prevention in a senior athlete. I attended the USTA (United States Tennis Association) 60 and 65 National Championships in New Orleans this last week. Senior players from all over the country were wearing our products for injury management and prevention of elbow, thigh, knee, calf and ankle injuries. I was flabbergasted by the number of players who came up to me and wanted to know if I could supply products on an urgent basis to help with injury management or prevention.  [...]


An In-Depth Look Into Patella Tendonitis

Posted on October 28, 2014 by Thomas Parker, MD

“-itis” means inflammation, so tendonitis means inflammation of a tendon. Patellar tendonitis refers to the body’s normal inflammatory response when excessive stretch or repetitive use, or both, damage tissues.  Patella tendonitis is also known as “Jumper’s Knee” since it is seen most commonly in sports involving jumping (basketball, volleyball) but is also seen in sports requiring frequent direction change (soccer, tennis). [...]


Which One Should You Choose?

Posted on October 24, 2014 by Thomas Parker, MD

Selection of the correct Helix will maximize the benefits of compression The Full Knee Helix is the preferred Helix if you have suffered any major knee trauma or have had knee surgery of any type, (arthroscopic of open surgical procedure).  The Full Knee Helix provides comfortable and uniform compression to the entire knee.  So if there has been injury to any of the ligaments, menisci or tendons, all will be supported. There is also support for the distal thigh and proximal leg muscles and tendons.  Patients with degenerative or osteoarthritis of the knee report benefit not only from the compression, but also from the comfort of warmth.  Athletes of every age, sport and skill level wear the Full Knee Helix. The Full Knee Helix is not advised while playing sand volleyball.  [...]