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Former Two-Time Australian Open Champion Shares Insight Into Current Tennis Injuries

Posted on January 26, 2017 by Body Helix

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with former two-time Australian Open Champion, Johan Kriek. Our conversation covered timely topics such as injuries among the professionals as well as the aspiring junior players he trains at his academy in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  In addition, Kriek provided some advice for the recreational player looking to stay injury free for as long as possible. Kriek has won 14 professional singles and 8 doubles titles, reaching an all-time high ranking of number 7 in singles and number 12 in doubles in the world. Kriek’s most memorable wins include victories over Andre Agassi, Guillermo Vilas, Stefan Edberg, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, and Bjorn Borg. [...]

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The knee sleeve that doesn't slip

Posted on January 19, 2017 by Thomas Parker, MD

"Testing a new knee brace from Body Helix. Gotta admit, it does a great job. Had some problems with lateral movement in my league match Saturday. No problems with the brace. Nice, solid product. Fits well and doesn't move during tennis." [...]

Tennis Pro Shares Tricks of the Trade

Posted on January 16, 2017 by Pender Murphy

Tennis players – this one’s for you!  Guest Blogger, Pender Murphy, serves up his top lessons learned during his many years on the court. Murphy was a two-time All-American at Clemson University and was ranked 102 in the world in 1982.  He started TLA Tennis (named for Tucker Leighton Avram, Andy Avram’s son ) in 2007. TLA Tennis provides free tennis instruction to people at various sites around Charlotte.   [...]

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How Compression Treatment Helps Heal and Prevent Tennis Injuries

Posted on January 04, 2017 by Thomas Parker, MD

Some of the most common injuries plaguing the professional tennis circuit also plague amateur tennis players. Compression treatment, recommended as part of the classic RICE (Rest, Ice, COMPRESSION, Elevation) method, is a proven-effective method to help you heal, reduce pain, and prevent future injuries. Are you taking advantage of compression treatment? [...]

Injury Management, Injury Prevention

Is Kiniseo Tape an Effective Method of Injury Management?

Posted on January 04, 2017 by Thomas Parker, MD

Over the past several years, I have noticed many athletes wearing colorful Kiniseo Tape on different parts of their bodies for injury management and often wondered about the effectiveness of this treatment. Based on anatomy, normal physiology and the known physiology of injury repair, I couldn’t seem to make any sense of the benefit. However, always having an open mind about the advances in science, I decided to research if any evidence supports the use of skin tapes for injury management and pain control. Please note there is a clear distinction between the use of tape, such as athletic adhesive tape that might be used to tape an injured ankle, and the tapes applied to the skin, such as Kinesio Tape and its imitators. [...]

Injury Management

Body Helix Featured Among Entrepreneurs in Greensboro, NC

Posted on January 04, 2017 by Thomas Parker, MD

Image provided by the Made in Greensboro Campaign/Jerry Wolford and Scott Muthersbaugh/Perfecta Visuals. [...]

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Ice or Heat? Which is Right for My Injury?

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Thomas Parker, MD

 Physicians sometimes recommend ice for injuries and at other times tell you to keep an injury warm.  How do you know what is the right treatment for you?  “It is important to first pay attention to observations that you have made about your own injuries in order to make some sense of it,” says Body Helix CEO, Thomas Parker, MD. “These observations can direct your own injury management.”  [...]


Offering Custom Products

Posted on August 26, 2016 by Thomas Parker, MD

"As a petite adult tennis player, it is very challenging to find quality products to support various body parts prone to injury so I was delighted when my physical therapist recommended BodyHelix. I had the opportunity to go directly to the site to have a custom fitting. Krystal and Sara were absolutely delightful and helpful to work with. After trying on an elbow and knee sleeve, I was sold! They are working with me to customize an elbow sleeve to fit and are having it shipped to me immediately. I will tell all of my tennis friends especially the ones over 40 who are always nursing injuries and trying to stay healthy on the courts so we can continue to enjoy playing for many many years!" KP How did she get a custom fitting, you ask? Our manufacturing plant is located in Greensboro, NC. We take pride in crafting the very best compression sleeves on the market. At Body Helix we understand that visiting our manufacturing plant is not an option for most of you, that’s why we’ve made it simple to choose the right size when ordering. Just click on the drop down box after you have measured your elbow, knee, etc. Thanks KP, we are delighted to hear how impressed you are with our products! [...]


Runners Need Knee Support

Posted on August 19, 2016 by Thomas Parker, MD

Endurance athletes are no strangers to overuse injuries. These can include stress fractures and shin splints or other injuries that may involve the muscles of the hip, thigh, and leg. Today, though, we want to focus our attention on the all-important knee.  The stress that runners put on their knees can unfortunately result in acute or chronic knee pain, which ultimately affects the life of a runner. [...]

Injury Management, Tennis, Elbow

How Do You Treat Tennis Elbow?

Posted on August 12, 2016 by Thomas Parker, MD

“Tennis elbow” is the common name for lateral epicondylitis and occurs when you have tendonitis -  swelling and pain of the tendon in your elbow. As the name implies, it affects tennis players frequently but can also affect anyone who plays sports or other activities that require tight gripping such as racquetball, fencing, or weight lifting. [...]